Agricultural Products & Foods

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Canned Food Canned Food Confectionery, Biscuit, Snacks Dehydrated Food Farm Products, Fresh Or Chilled Feedstuff Food Additives And Others Frozen Food Fruits Grain Products Healthy Food Live Stock Other Farm, Animal And Aquatic Products Pets Plants & Flowers Prepared Food Salted And Preserved Food Sea Food Seasonings & Condiments Tobacco, Wine, Coffee, Tea And Drinks Vegetables
Confectionery, Biscuit, Snacks Biscuit Candy Canned Sweets Chocolate Dried Laver(Sea Weed) Egg Rolls Ginseng Candy High Fiber Snacks Ice Cream Jelly Jelly Candy Melon Seeds Nuts Peanut Sweets Prepared Seaweed Prepared Shredded Cuttlefish Rice Crackers(Rice Snack Pellets) Roasted Food & Filling Snow-Ice
Dehydrated Food Chinese Bacon Dried Pork Freeze-dried Food Frozen Sausages Hot-Air Dehydrated Seafood Hot-Air Dehydrated Vegetable and Fruit Kolee Pancake Powder Tapioca Balls (Dried) Vegetarian Soy Fibrous Shreded
Farm Products, Fresh Or Chilled Fresh Carrots Fruit Fresh or Chilled Organic Fruits & Vegetable Pork Fresh or Chilled Sea Food Fresh or Chilled Vegetables Fresh or Chilled
Feedstuff Bird Food Fish & Shrimp Feed Pet Foodstuff Poultry & Stock Feedstuff
Food Additives And Others Animal Foodstuff Grade Additives Artificial Sweeteners Cake Decorations Decoloring Earths(Bleaches) Enzyme & Enzyme Extract Flavoring Food Coloring Food Grade Additives Nature Coloring Other Inorganic Chemicals Preservatives Preserved Egg Thousand-Year-Old Egg Vegetarian Food Ingredient Yeast
Frozen Food Bean Curd Cheese Frozen Chicken Nuggets Frozen Crabs Frozen Eels Frozen Fish Frozen Fish Balls Frozen Fruit Frozen Hamburgers Frozen Lobsters Frozen Meat (Beef, Lamb, Chicken) N.E.S Frozen Pork Frozen Prepared Food Frozen Roasted Eels Frozen Seafood Frozen Shrimp Frozen Squid Frozen Vegetables Ham, Sausages, Hot Dogs Tapioca Ball (Boiled & Quick Frozen)
Fruits Banana Canned Fruit Carambola Fruits Grape Grapefruit Guava Induian Jujube Lemon Litchi Mango Orange Other Fruits Papaya Pineapple Ponkan Sand Pear Shaddock Wax Apple
Grain Products Barley Cellulose Coffee Beans Cotton,Raw Germ Products Green Beans Maize (Corn) Organic Edible Oils Organic Grains Parboiled Rice Peanut Red Beans Rice Sesame Soybean Soybean Oil Soybean Meal Starch Wheat Wheat Flour
Healthy Food Bird's Nest Chlorella, Spirulina Eggs Oil (Egg Yolk Lecithin) Garlic Products Ginseng Ginseng Tea Health Foods Herbal Nutrient Extracts Ling Chih Organic Foods Other Hi-Nutrition Food Pollen Propolis Royal Jelly, Honey Slimming Tea Soft Shelled Turtle Eggs, Oil Vegetarian Food Vitamins
Live Stock Beef Canned Pork Chicken Dried Pork Duck and Products Iron Egg Liquid Egg Pork Preserved Egg Sausage and Ham Thousand-Year-Old Egg Wine Egg
Other Farm, Animal And Aquatic Products Bamboo Bonsai Feather Fishery Farming Flower Raw Coral Seeds
Pets Birds Dogs Fish Reptile Soft-Shell Turtle
Plants & Flowers Adenium obesum Anthurium, Flamingo Lily Bonsai Calla Calla Bulbs Cattleya Chrysanthemum Cycas Revoluta Dianthus Dieffenbachia Green Belgain Hippeastrum Bulbs Lily Lily Bulbs Lisianthus, Eustoma Malabar Chest-Nut Oncidium Orchids Other Plants & Flowers Phalaenopsis Pleione Bules Rose Zamioculcas zamiifolia
Prepared Food Agar-Agar (Powder) Bean Curd Canned Chinese Food Chinese Frozen Prepared Foods Dough (Frozen) Dumplings Fried Noodle Fried Rice Fried Shrimps Frozen Prepared Eels Instant Gruel Instant Noodle, Rice Threads, Bean Threads Instant Soups Meat Balls Noodle, Noodle String Oil Rice Other Prepared Foods Pastas Pizzas Pork, Buns Prepared Food, Packed with Retort Pouch Pudding Radish Rice Ball Rice Cake (Mochi), Mochi Cut Rice Dumping Tapioca Ball (Boiled & Quick Frozen, Dried)
Salted And Preserved Food Dried Bamboo Sprouts Dried Radish Slices Fruit Jam Pickles Sweetened Preserved Beanso or Nuts Vegetable and Fruit, Preserved Vegetable and Fruit, Salted
Sea Food Acrossocheilus Paradoxus Appreciate Fish Bull Frog Leg Canned Seafood Chanos, Milk Fish Cuttlefish Balls Dried Squid Eel Fish Balls Hot-Air Dehydrated Seafood Mackerel Mackerel Pike Other Sea Foods Rachycentron Canadum Sea Food Sea Food Seedlings Taiwan Tilapia Tuna and Bonito
Seasonings & Condiments Chilli Sauce、Chilli Bean Sauces Edible Oil Fresh Ginger Garlic Grape Seed Oil MSG Mayonnaise Mushrooms Natural Seasoning Olive Oil Refined Salt Sauces Sesame Oils Soy Sauce Vinegars Soybean Sauce / Soya Sauce / Soy Sauce Sugar / Fructose / Syrup Tomato Ketchups Vinegar Soft Drinks
Tobacco, Wine, Coffee, Tea And Drinks Black Tea Canned Coffee Canned Juices & Drinks Carbonated Drink Coffee Fermented Milk Flavoured Beverages Fruit Juices Fruit Powder Green Tea Lactobacillus Products Mineral Water Organic Drinks Other Alcohol Powdered Milk Soybean Milk Special Milk Products Taiwan Tea Tea Tea Drinks Tobacco Vegetable Juice Wine
Vegetables Bamboo Shoots Cabbage Canned Vegetables N.E.S. Canned Vegetarian Chinese Cabbage Hot-Air Dehydrated Vegetables Lettuce Mushrooms、 Fungus Onion Other Vegetables Soybean Spinach Sweet Corn Sweet Potato Vegetables Vegetarian Soy Fibrous Shredded

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