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On this page, we present major business to business internet marketplaces. We also provide internet marketing service as a way of advertisement campaigns.

However, currently getting new customers at a business to business internet marketplace is becoming more and more difficult because of too much competition. Also, many of customers at a business to business internet marketplace are small companies with limited purchasing power.

To find major business customers with strong purchasing power in Japan, we recommend you relay on direct marketing strategies.

(simplified Chinese: 阿里巴巴集?, traditional Chinese: 阿里巴巴集團)
Alibaba.com is the flagship company of Alibaba Group. Alibaba.com was founded by Jack Ma in 1999 with 18 other members, and is currently the world's largest business to business internet marketplace for small to medium sized businesses. Alibaba Group currently consist of "Alibaba.com (Business to business internet marketplace for small to mideam sized businesses)", "Taobao.com (Business to comsummer internet marketplace)", "Alipay (Third-party online payment platform, such as paypal)", "Alibaba Cloud Computing (Platform for cloud computing services)" and "China Yahoo! (Internet portal site)".
URL: http://www.alibaba.com
Alibaba.com has regional pages:
< Alibaba Asia-Pacific Region > Alibaba Australia Alibaba China Alibaba Hong Kong Alibaba India Alibaba Indonesia Alibaba Iran Alibaba Japan Alibaba Malaysia Alibaba New Zealand Alibaba Pakistan Alibaba Philippines Alibaba Singapore Alibaba Thailand Alibaba Taiwan Alibaba South Korea Alibaba Vietnam < Alibaba Americas > Alibaba Argentina Alibaba Brazil Alibaba Canada Alibaba Chile Alibaba Colombia Alibaba Mexico Alibaba Peru Alibaba United States < Alibaba Europe > Alibaba Belgium Alibaba Switzerland Alibaba Russia Alibaba Spain Alibaba Germany Alibaba Bulgaria Alibaba Czech Republic Alibaba Turkey Alibaba Ukraine Alibaba United Kingdom Alibaba Poland Alibaba Greece Alibaba Iceland Alibaba Denmark Alibaba France Alibaba Sweden Alibaba Portugal Alibaba Romania Alibaba Italy Alibaba Netherlands < Alibaba Middle East > Alibaba Israel Alibaba Syria Alibaba United Arab Emirates Alibaba Saudi Arabia < Alibaba Africa > Alibaba Egypt Alibaba South Africa
KOMPASS is a B2B database to connect buyers and sellers all over the world and available for 26 languages. Suppliers which register KOMPASS can upload their corporate profiles and product catalogues. Buyers which register KOMPASS can request quotation from suppliers.
URL: http://www.kompass.com
Taiwantrade is a business to business internet marketplace operated by Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), a non- profit government co-sponsored international trade promotion organization in the Republic of China. TAITRA assist Taiwan companies compete in international markets. TAITRA designed Taiwantrade to provide small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with immediate access to B2B e-commerce activities, and to help them gain a digital edge over their competitors worldwide. Buyers and Suppliers all over the world can register Taiwantrade for free and post their company profiles, request quotation and upload product information. Taiwatrade is available for English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish, Mongolian, Portuguese, Italian, German, Russian, French and Arabic.
URL: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw
Available Categories;
Agricultural Products & Foods / Automobiles, Motorcycles, Parts & Accessories / Biotechnology & Medical Supplies / Chemical & Plastic Products / Communication Products / Computer Hardware, Software & Peripherals / Consumer Electronics & Electrical Products / Construction & Furnishing / Electronic Components & Parts / Electrical & Safety Equipment / Fashion & Beauty Accessories / Gift, Works of Art & Novelties / Hand Tools / Instruments & Optical Products / Machinery / Metals & Hardware Products / Minerals / Paper & Packing Materials / Sporting & Leisure Goods / Textiles & Leather / Toys & Stationery / Aerospace Products / Clocks, Watches & Parts / Musical Instruments / Police & Ammunition Industry / Printing, Publishing & Advertising / Service-Sector Industries / Ships, Boats & Parts
GobizKOREA is an international trade website operated by the Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA) and the Small and Medium Business Corporation (SBC) of the Korean government. GobizKOREA help to match foreign buyers with Korean manufactures. GobizKOREA is available for English, Chinese and Korean.
URL: http://www.gobizkorea.com
Available Categories;
Agricultural Equipment (Agricultural, forestry and landscape machinery and equipment / Fishing and aquaculture equipment), Apparel, Luggage and Personal Care (Clothing / Footwear / Luggage and handbags and packs and cases / Personal care products / Sewing supplies and accessories), Building and Construction Compo. (Concrete, cement and plaster / Construction and maintenance support equipment / Doors and windows and glass / Exterior finishing materials / Insulation / Interior finishing materials / Permanent structures / Plumbing fixtures / Prefabricated structures / Roads and landscape / Structural building products / Structural materials and basic shapes), Building and Construction Machinery (Heavy construction machinery and equipment), Chemicals and Gas Materials (Additives / Colorants / Compounds and mixtures / Elements and gases / Explosive materials / Solvents / Waxes and oils), Cleaning Equipment (Cleaning and janitorial supplies / Industrial laundry and dry cleaning equipment / Janitorial equipment / Water and wastewater treatment supply and disposal), Distribution Systems (Fluid and gas distribution / Heating and ventilation and air circulation / Industrial filtering and purification / Industrial pumps and compressors), Domestic Appliances (Bedclothes, table and kitchen linen and towels / Consumer electronics / Domestic appliances / Domestic kitchenware / Domestic wall treatments / Floor coverings / Window treatments), Drugs and Pharmaceutics (Agents affecting water and electrolytes / Anti infective drugs / Antineoplastic agents / Autonomic nervous system drugs / Cardiovascular drugs Central nervous system drugs / Drugs affecting the ears, eye, nose and skin / Drugs affecting the gastrointestinal system / Drugs affecting the respiratory tract / Hematolic drugs / Hormones and hormone antagonists / Immunomodulating drugs / Miscellaneous drug categories / Veterinary nutritional supplement), Electrical and Lighting Components (Electrical equipment, components and supplies / Lamps and lightbulbs and lamp components / Lighting, fixtures and accessories), Electronic Components (Discrete semiconductor devices / Electron tube devices and accessories / Electronic hardware and component parts and accessories / Passive discrete components / Printed circuits and integrated circuits and microassemblies) Entertainment and Education (Arts and crafts equipment, accessories and supplies / Classroom decoratives and supplies / Developmental and professional teaching aids, materials, accessories and supplies / Musical Instruments, parts and accessories / Toys and games), Food, Beverage and Tobacco (Beverages / Bread and bakery products / Cereal and pulse products / Chocolate and sugars and sweeteners and confectionary products / Dairy products and eggs / Edible oils and fats / Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds / Meat and poultry products / Prepared and preserved foods / Seafood / Seasonings and preservatives / Tobacco and smoking products and substitutes), Fuels and Lubricants Materials (Fuel for nuclear reactors / Fuels / Gaseous fuels and additives / Lubricants, oils, greases and anti corrosives), Furniture and Furnishings (Accommodation furniture / Classroom, instructional and institutional furniture and fixtures / Commercial and industrial furniture / Merchandising furniture and accessories), Handling and Storage Equipment (Containers and storage / Industrial refrigeration / Material handling machinery and equipment / Packaging materials / Packing supplies), IT and Telecommunications (Communications Devices and accessories / Components for information technology, broadcasting or telecommunications / Computer Equipment and accessories / Data voice or multimedia network equipment, platforms and accessories / Software), Jewelry and Gemstone (Gemstones / Jewelry / Timepieces), Laboratory Equipment (Laboratory and scientific equipment / Laboratory supplies and fixtures / Measuring, observing and testing instruments), Live Plant and Animal Materials (Animal containment and habitats / Animal feed / Domestic pet products / Fertilizers and plant nutrients and herbicides / Floriculture and silviculture products / Live animals / Pest control products / Saddlery and harness goods / Seeds and bulbs and seedlings and cuttings), Manufacturing Components (Adhesives and sealants / Bearings, bushings, wheels and gears / Castings / Dyeing and tanning extracts / Extrusions / Fabricated bar stock assemblies / Fabricated pipe assemblies / Fabricated plate assemblies / Fabricated sheet assemblies / Fabricated structural assemblies / Fabricated tube assemblies / Forgings / Gaskets and seals / Grinding, polishing and smoothing materials / Hardware / Housings, cabinets and casings / Industrial optics / Machine made parts / Machined castings / Machined extrusions / Machined forgings / Machined raw stock Magnets and magnetic materials / Moldings / Paints, primers and finishes / Pneumatic, hydraulic and electric control systems / Refractories / Rope, chain, cable, wire and strap / Stampings and sheet components), Manufacturing Machinery (Chicken processing machinery and equipment / Electronic manufacturing machinery, equipment and accessories / Foundry machines, equipment and supplies / Industrial food and beverage equipment / Industrial process machinery, equipment and supplies / Lapidary machinery and equipment / Leatherworking repairing machinery and equipment / Mass transfer equipment / Mixers and their parts and accessories / Petroleum processing machinery / Raw materials processing machinery / Sawmilling and lumber processing machinery and equipment / Textile and fabric machinery and accessories / Workshop machinery, equipment and supplies), Medical Equipment (Clinical nutrition / Dental equipment and supplies / Dialysis equipment and supplies / Emergency and field medical services products / Independent living aids for the physically challenged / Intravenous and arterial administration products / Medical apparel and textiles / Medical diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine products / Medical facility products / Medical sterilization products / Medical training and education supplies / Orthopedic, prosthetic and sports medicine products / Patient care and treatment products and supplies / Patient exam and monitoring products / Physical and occupational therapy and rehabilitation products / Postmortem and mortuary equipment and supplies / Respiratory, anesthesia and resuscitation products / Surgical products / Veterinary equipment and supplies / Wound care products), Mineral, Textile and Inedible Plant (Alloys / Earth and stone / Fabrics and leather materials / Fibers and threads and yarns / Metal oxide / Metal waste and scrap / Minerals, ores and metals / Non edible animal products / Non edible plant and forestry products / Scrap and waste materials), Mining, Oil and Gas Equipment (Mining and quarrying machinery and equipment / Oil and gas drilling and exploration equipment / Oil and gas drilling and operation materials / Oil and gas operating and production equipment / Well drilling and operation equipment), Office Equipment (Office and desk accessories / Office machines and their supplies and accessories / Office supplies), Paper Materials and Products (Industrial use papers / Paper materials / Paper products), Plastic and Rubber Materials (Resins, rosins and other resin derived materials / Rubber and elastomers), Power Generation Machinery (Atomic and nuclear energy machinery and equipment / Batteries, generators and kinetic power transmission / Electrical wire, cable and harness / Power generation Power sources), Printing, Audio and Visual Equipment (Audio and visual presentation and composing equipment / Photographic and recording media / Photographic filmmaking supplies / Photographic, filming or video equipment / Printing and publishing equipment), Publications and Signage Products (Electronic reference material / Printed media / Signage and accessories), Security and Safety Equipment (Conventional war weapons / Fire protection / Launchers / Law enforcement / Light weapons and ammunition / Missiles / Personal safety and protection / Public safety and control / Rockets and subsystems / Security surveillance and detection), Service (Service Industry Machinery / Gambling or wagering equipment / Institutional food services equipment / Vending machines), Sports and Recreational Equipment (Camping and outdoor equipment and accessories / Collectibles and awards / Field and court sports equipment / Fishing and hunting equipment / Fitness equipment / Gymnastics and boxing equipment / Other sports / Recreation, playground, swimming and spa equipment and supplies / Sports equipment and accessories / Target and table games and equipment / Watersports equipment / Winter sports equipment), Tools and General Machinery (Automotive specialty tools / Hand tools / Hydraulic machinery and equipment / Pneumatic machinery and equipment), Transport Vehicles (Aerospace systems, components and equipment / Aircraft Marine transport / Motor vehicles / Non motorized cycles / Railway and tramway machinery and equipment / Spacecraft / Transportation components and systems / Transportation services equipment / Vehicle bodies and trailers)
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