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Japan is one of the most developed countries in Asia. However, in Japan, the number of people who has business level English skill is much less than believed to be. It is not so unusual that a medium sized Japanese company with annual sales of greater than 10 million USD does not utilize English in its business operation at all.

Executives and employees of these companies do not visit trade fairs in other countries nor utilize internet to start business with foreign companies. These Japanese companies are undiscovered by most of foreign suppliers and an untouched niche market in international business field.

However, marketing products to these undiscovered Japanese companies have been very difficult for foreign suppliers.

The best way for foreign suppliers to market their products to these undiscovered Japanese companies is getting help from somebody like us who is conversant with international business operation and has understanding of Japanese companies' behavior.

We market products of foreign suppliers to these undiscovered Japanese companies utilizing various marketing methods which have been privilege of Japanese suppliers.

If your company's products have special features which differentiate those products from products of Japanese suppliers or if your company can provide products at lower prices than Japanese suppliers, by partnering with us, you have good chance of striking Japanese customers without strong competition.

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We are a local sales representative in Japan providing B2B sales agency services for foreign companies. Using our experience, knowledge and partners, we help foreign companies to accomplish their goals in Japan while providing liaison between foreign companies and Japanese companies.


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